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Neon Zumba at AppleOne Banawa Heights

We at AppleOne Banawa Heights, understand the needs of the Cebuanos to feel connected to the energy and dynamism of the city, but at the same time, be grounded in a home that truly enriches their lives, as well as their families — whether it’d be through finding inspiration in your surroundings, regaining the harmony and peace amidst the maddening city demands, or creating vibrant moments with your family, or appreciating the intimacies of privacy and comfort, or simply starting a new life and a new home with your family. AppleOne Banawa Heights doesn’t just provide you with a home to live, but a home to rediscover your passions in life.

In our continued pursuit to bring forth to Cebuanos different and unique experiences for them to rediscover their passions in life, we are pleased to announce the third installment of our Passion-driven Open House series, the Neon Zumba with live DJ set by AppleOne Banawa Heights. Given the popularity of Zumba as a past-time or exercise for Cebuanos, we wanted to offer the same well-loved activity, but elevate the experience entirely; making it more engaging, more memorable, and of course more vibrant. We set out to create Cebu’s first ever Neon Zumba last September 22, 2018 (Saturday). Why neon? We made sure it was dark but everyone was illuminated, bright neon colors of orange, green, pink and yellow were in sight as we gave all participants neon shirts and glow sticks to wear as accessories. To further amplify the bright glowing colors, we thought the right music was key to get everyone in the same energy. But not just any music, we had to fuel their energy with a live DJ set to accompany our Zumba instructors. Beats by DJ Polky Yu kept the energy alive all throughout the night, making sure everyone’s bones were moving, pulse was raising, and heart was beating to every note. A perfectly cloudless cool evening, the activity was held at the open space area of the Villas by AppleOne Banawa Heights, engaging participants of all ages who came together and danced together: kids feeling the joys and whims of their youth, young teens and young adults getting serious with every step and every beat, and even seniors didn’t miss out on the fun as they sought to reignite their vigor and carefree spirits with Zumba. With 2 hours of non-stop Zumba, participants got to experience the type of lifestyle which the Villas at AppleOne Banawa Heights promotes – cultivating a community of active, vibrant and dynamic individuals who care for enriching experiences that allow them to be closer and more connected to themselves and to their families.

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